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What Female Politicians Can Learn From Thatcher and Clinton

How the US selection teaches us a fair bit about the state of feminism today. On the face of it, it was not unreasonable for Hilary Clinton to court the female vote. Apparently women account for 52% in the US, … Continue reading

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Why Conservative Feminism is Beautiful

Conservative feminism and the more orthodox schools have very different views on beauty. The former accepts that woman’s physical attraction is essential to her well-being, the other doesn’t appear to. The Woman’s Equality Party, which is looking to field candidates in … Continue reading

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Why is Meryl Streep Backing Off Feminism?

The fact that Meryl Streep, who  plays British icon Emmeline Pankhurst in the new movie Suffragette has tried to distance herself from the feminist label she once clearly supported could mean that there is a shift right in women’s politics. As far … Continue reading

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