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Hillary Clinton Employs Some Common Sense Feminism

Its ironic that the icons of women’s liberation are often those who personify the very opposite of what was originally intended, in that they represent chained-to-the-home domesticity: our own mothers. As I wrote on this blog a couple of years ago, … Continue reading

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What Female Politicians Can Learn From Thatcher and Clinton

How the US selection teaches us a fair bit about the state of feminism today. On the face of it, it was not unreasonable for Hilary Clinton to court the female vote. Apparently women account for 52% in the US, … Continue reading

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Why Conservative Feminism is Beautiful

Conservative feminism and the more orthodox schools have very different views on beauty. The former accepts that woman’s physical attraction is essential to her well-being, the other doesn’t appear to. The Woman’s Equality Party, which is looking to field candidates in … Continue reading

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How Azi Ahmed’s Book Worlds Apart Confronts Feminist Issues

A year ago I was sitting in a restaurant in Caxton Street with friends and colleagues Sally Roberts, Regional Chairman of the London CWO and Azi Ahmed having dinner after a CWO London forums committee meeting. `What have you been … Continue reading

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Find the Balance in Feminism and Fast

Violence against girls and women (or VAGW) is rarely out of the news these days. A press release sent to RWF prompted me to an interview with Laura Southern who recently joined in a feminist demonstration holding up a placard … Continue reading

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Why Feminists’ Wrath over Sir Tim Hunt is Unhelpful

There was good news and bad news yesterday on the UK women’s political scene. Good news yesterday when the first forced marriage culprit was brought to justice and bad when a 72 year old leading scientist and Nobel Prize winner … Continue reading

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Mothers Day and its significance for feminism

Apparently, even in modern feminist classes, whenever young women are asked who they most admire, would like to be like,  or hold up as a female icon, the majority always mention the same person. Who? The five marks answer expected … Continue reading

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