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What Female Politicians Can Learn From Thatcher and Clinton

How the US selection teaches us a fair bit about the state of feminism today. On the face of it, it was not unreasonable for Hilary Clinton to court the female vote. Apparently women account for 52% in the US, … Continue reading

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Why Feminists Should Talk Romance

While the motivational visit of Michelle Obama to the Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets gave wives a truly cool celebrity image this week, there were other female politicians doing exactly the opposite. Submissive wife does not fit with … Continue reading

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Mothers Day and its significance for feminism

Apparently, even in modern feminist classes, whenever young women are asked who they most admire, would like to be like, ¬†or hold up as a female icon, the majority always mention the same person. Who? The five marks answer expected … Continue reading

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