Common Sense Feminism

The Common Sense FeministMy view of a “common sense feminist” is of someone who believes men and women are fundamentally equal. They both contribute to the greater good, though often utilising completely different skill sets.

It follows on the romantic vision of the `first-wavers’ from one hundred years ago, rather than the more militant post 1960s movement. The former celebrated women’s feminine strengths, and were family-orientated. The latter perpetuated the concept of unisexism  and the idea that women should operate like men.

Therefore the philosophical approach of CSF is more consensual with male opinion rather than being directly opposed to it, and seeks mutual respect for gender differences.  At the heart of it, however, is  a recognition of the many wrongs done to women in the past and the substantial achievements of the political movement of Feminism.

Common sense feminism  is about promoting women’s individual needs in a complex, modern society across the full spectrum of life.  This viewpoint is ideologically poles apart from the `radical’ view that women are a collective, isolationist sisterhood.


4 Responses to Common Sense Feminism

  1. Louise, good morning.

    You say, “Right Wing Feminism is about promoting women’s individual needs in a complex, modern society across the full spectrum of life.” How, precisely, will that ‘promoting’ be done? By yet more special treatment for women (and girls) at the expense of men (and boys), no doubt. So… left wing feminism, then. In short, through measures which are anti-meritocratic and unConservative.

    The only form of feminism of any political import in the UK for the past 30+ years has been gender feminism, a female supremacy movement driven by misandry. David Cameron and his cronies have been in thrall to it from the start, indeed he’s pursuing Harriet Harman’s agendas with even more vigour than the preceding three Labour administrations. It’s why we’re planning to target the top 30 Tory marginal seats in 2015. The first four campaigns and deposits are already funded, and each month will bring another one or two.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)




  2. francis says:

    I think the Right Wing Feminist movement is a step forward for both men and women.
    I am utterly sick of all the positive discrimination men have had to put up with, but the hard facts are women do generally have better skills sets in leadership, communication and influence while men are better at technical specific jobs like plumbing or whatever.

    The modern hard left cultural marxist feminists are just inhuman – they hate everyone including themselves and they are the ones causing today’s problems.
    The clock cannot be turned back. We men have had our days of power, it’s time we learnt that sensible women have a lot to offer, while the hard left feminists have absolutely nothing to offer.

    My wife and I run a small manufacturing business and over the years she has proved better at communication, marketing, leadership and so one while I have proved to better at supervision, training, motivating and hands on man management. It was better for her to be the managing partner while I dealt with operational management. She helped improve selection techniques while I raised to work ethic.

    It is because we both recognised that we different skill sets, but learnt to deputise for each other when the other was absent. Our business has survived the recession and is starting to grow again.

    It is time to stop fussing over details and look at the long term objectives.


  3. chris says:

    I’d just like to point out that collectivism doesn’t describe left wing and equality doesn’t describe right wing. A tiered, anti-equal society is what right-wing describes. An empowered, equal society describes left wing. So you can’t be a pro-equality right-winger.


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