Why Girls Are Now Courting Sir Jihadihad Online

While feminism started out as campaigning for votes and jobs, its now more and more about safety issues. Back in the 1920s you would have been sectioned for imagining one day we’d each have tiny screens that could record images of us topless, let alone post them instantly to voyeurs on something called a world wide web.

Despite the post feminist age violence against women is increasing online

Despite the post feminist age violence against women is increasing online

With the news out today that violence against women online has doubled is alarming, but comes  as no great shock. The internet is a turn-on for jilted lovers and predators of all types. Good news is that if someone posts up tacky images of you then there’s that perfect photo evidence for a court case. The bad news is that it would still destroy half your life to go through this.  Part of the remit of the children’s charity I set up  Act Against Bullying is getting this information out to vulnerable teenagers who can be quite easily duped into providing sexual content for the masses.

Incidents of  sexual exposure to women and spying has always been around (in my youth these predators were referred to as Peeping Toms). But its no wonder they are increasing. They certainly don’t have to peep any more. They just have to go online.

Feminism deserves a ten star rating for flagging up some shocking domestic violence which was totally ignored by authorities until the 1970s. But a one star for its all-out anti-Western male campaign which deemed all old fashioned romantic gestures and formalities as sexist. Now look what we’ve got in its place!  Rape threats, revenge porn and leery lads who don’t know any better.

Plus banning Page 3 seems rather irrelevant now with even school girls doing all that sort of thing on their phones. New darker trends are emerging. Could be the reason why publicity seekers like former nude model Kimberley Miners are now covering head to toe and mistaking Sir Jihadihad types for ‘real men’, which they are certainly not.

To read more about how feminism has to moderate to be relevant for modern times 


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