Feminism And Radicalisation

I am delighted to see that while radical feminists like Meryl Streep are distancing from the F word, people from the right of politics are stepping up to the plate to take her place.

At the Conservative Party Conference the other week, for example, George Osborne, when asked by Katharine Viner of the Guardian at the end of her interview with him if he was a feminist or not replied: `Yes, but not in the way you would recognise.’

He has a point. Politics is about what you focus on. Maybe it is time to look at some of the equality issues which are taken for granted before we press ahead with new gripes like sexual harassment in the under-5 playground as Melanie Phillips writes about in the Times today. 

At the same time as  complaining about the sexist culture within the operating theatres, there were nearly 4,000 cases of girls having their genitals mutilated out of hospital last year alone. This is a barbarous practice which is out of place in our culture and against our laws.

While we have been watching the highly amusing `Don’t Tell The Bride’ on TV, the ‘Don’t Tell The Child’ has been played out every summer as young girls are duped into flying out of the UK to confront the horrors of forced marriage.

A Female City lawyer complains about a creepy compliment on the internet, as thousands of cases of honour-based thuggery against girls and women go unreported in suburbia.

It is very easy in this day and age in the UK to be unappreciative of  how we live, relatively speaking. So much so that girls who have been educated in STEM subjects in leading schools to prepare them for the corporate heights are plotting to run off to an empty desert and marry men who just want them to cook and wash up.

The Counter-Extremism Strategy that the Prime Minister has launched to help combat radicalisation should go right to the heart of the female community in more ways than one. Mothers, sisters and aunts are being called on to look out for signs of brainwashing. They’re the ones to notice. Similar schemes have worked well in Pakistan, India and more recently Austria. But also, women have the most to lose themselves if we don’t stand up for our values of liberation, freedom and sexual equality.

One of the major complaints  by the so-called Islamic State who carry out terrorist atrocities against the Western world  is the impact of our feminist culture. So it is time for us to defend it. Unfortunately, with so many people understandably turned off by the apparent hostility and vitriol of the Feminazis, extremists in their own right, there’s still much work  to be done. So the PM’s strategy is also a wake-up call for a return to a more tolerant, compassionate, consensual feminism. Use it or lose it.


About Louise Burfitt-Dons

Writer and social critic
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One Response to Feminism And Radicalisation

  1. Transic says:

    Feminists hate men and boys. Since you call yourself one then you are part of that crowd whether you want to or not.


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