Why Feminists Should Talk Romance

While the motivational visit of Michelle Obama to the Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets gave wives a truly cool celebrity image this week, there were other female politicians doing exactly the opposite.

Submissive wife does not fit with exuding leadership skills for high public office. Hilary Clinton is rebranding herself as just `Hilary’ as much to distance from her `home baked cookie’ moment, as to distance herself from having supported her husband over the war in Iraq. While today Yvette Cooper had a dig at Justine Miliband and Samantha Cameron by claiming she found posing beside husbands after political speeches as outmoded and uncomfortable.

There’s no right or wrong model. At least we are fortunate in this country to mostly have choice over our gender politics. But, like it or not, marriage and relationships are a big deal with women. As much so probably as having a family, forging a career or making money. Most women secretly hope they can have the lot, without confessing on top of it they also crave a bit of romance and a spot of adventure too.

With Islamic State stirring up the latent desires of young women in the west for traditional ideals, it is clear however they think they have found enough of these elements missing from modern life in the UK to exploit for their own purposes. Girls, knowing what other girls want, are the ones doing the `grooming’ or the recruiting. To date, an estimated 50 British females are known to have joined the terrorist group to become some of the notorious Jihadi brides.

With it being clear now that the strategy is focused females on females, and the issue of love and being a wife rather than a five figure salary the irresistible lure, it asks the question. Why is this happening?

While there has long been growing concern about how extreme left wing feminism is pitting women against men and vice versa, we now have Isis getting involved and using the fall-out to fuel its extremist propaganda.

This is by no means a feminist only issue, but it is up to female politicians in particular to champion the wonderful liberated way of life both men and women, married or not, enjoy here in the UK. And it is up to men to support them.


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One Response to Why Feminists Should Talk Romance

  1. francis says:

    I am pleased you see the dangers of the man hating radical and hard left feminism. I do agree that women now deserve power and have proven yourselves to be better leaders and managers than us men. We now accept reality and many of us men have come to terms with it.

    Unfortunately a new problem is heading your way, and it is not caused by the white male. The problem comes from a medieval far eastern religion that hates women and refuses to accept reason including female authority. You will need us men to fight this coming war, but your left wing versions who permeate education, media and the public sector have ruined two to three generations of young boys we would normally be used to fight off invaders. These feminists have decimated us white males and I even remember a feminist teacher refusing to help me is class as a boy, and I will never forget it. We all know how deadly this culture is and the genocides perpetrated in its name. Perhaps some sexist men (not me) are hoping for the day when the radical feminist meets the Frankenstein monster she unleashed into our countries. There will be no gender equality when we are swamped and taken over.

    We men ask you to show us some empathy and understanding for a change, instead of deceitful complaints or claims of female supremacy over men. You may have defeated us white males, but you have not defeated the mohammedan male or the black male that many of your left wing colleagues support without question. They were the groups responsible for the Rotherham and other CSE ongoing problems and when they take over you will all be reduced to sexual slaves. Is that what the radical and left wing man hating feminists want?

    If our civilization falls it will because the left wing or radical feminist betrayed her racial men, and she will pay a heavy price for it.

    We ask you ladies to help us men regain our pride, self confidence and manhood, otherwise we will fall to the backward cultures I referred too above. Once we are rid of this threat you ladies can rightly take your deserved place in leading and managing the country.


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