How a Left Wing Prime Minister Scored Points For the Cause of Conservative Feminism

There’s a fundamental difference in attitude between right and left wing feminists. While both believe in equality, the former recognise men and women as biologically and emotional different. The others tend to follow the unisex agenda.

Then again, RWFs see no problem in playing these colourful dissimilarities to advantage; vive la difference.  Therefore it is well met when such a high profile socialist icon is so eager to play the giggly, femininity card even in the most inappropriate of settings.  Such was the display of female submission to powerful men at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, when Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt initiated a girlie style selfie session with Messrs Barrack Obama and David Cameron.

At the same time she broke all the 70s rules on sombre `sisterhood’. Upstaging is not allowed, nor is extravagance. Judging by Michelle Obama’s unimpressed reaction she clearly doesn’t buy into the `anything goes between women’ policy either. Now, if Helle had just worn one of those Chinese style boiler suits, just think, none of these mixed messages would ever have been sent viral.

About Louise Burfitt-Dons

Writer and social critic
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