Why Louise Mensch Should Drop Page 3, For the Sake of Feminism

I am sorry I missed the sexism spat on the net the other day when the erstwhile MP Louise Mensch and former spin doctor Alistair Campbell raked over the coals. If only because tit-for-tatting between social media pros is lightly amusing. (Unlike a vulnerable young person becoming the target of trolls.) Apparently it was all in the name of feminism. But surely, what is far more demeaning for women than being featured on Page 3 of the Sun is having serious political messages about women’s issues reduced to such trifles.

Men and women have biological differences, thankfully. Without those human life would not exist. And if it did, it would be barely worth it.

Behaviour between the two sexes range from the intimate and respectful at one end of the spectrum to full-on loathing and depravity at the other.   Real competition for jobs and business since women’s emancipation has added a new strain to the hurly burly of modern life, still adapting to the dramatic social changes of the 70s.  There’s no doubt about that. Cultural norms and traditional expectations as to whether women should be fully covered up in a burqa or completely naked in Zoo lend another. Ultimately, however, we cannot exist one without the other. And somewhere on the sliding scale lies the appropriate manners between men and women today.


About Louise Burfitt-Dons

Writer and social critic
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2 Responses to Why Louise Mensch Should Drop Page 3, For the Sake of Feminism

  1. gerrydorrian66 says:

    Very well said – thank you!


  2. francis says:

    You and your organisation have my full support.


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