UKIP in Check Mate Over Sexist Comments

Why women should play more chessSo UKIP have gone and done it again. This time they have  hit the offense headlines with their treasurer Stuart Wheeler saying at a conference that women were “absolutely nowhere” when they compete with men in sports where they are not physically disadvantaged. He then goes on to cite chess, bridge and poker as other games where we are flattened to a pulp.

The  point of this headline winner was to ram home his political position when it comes to  Women On Boards. Not unsurprisingly, the far right party headed up by Nigel Farage is dead set against the quotas being put forward by the EU who insist a 40 per cent share is a fair thing to insist on.

This topic is the one where most women tend to part company anyway. So maybe he should have gone a little more softly softly on expressing himself on the issue. That is, if he wanted to get any more donations from those three female CEOs in the Footsie 100. Only radical feminists are a hundred per cent for this employment legislation anyway. They  believe  it is the only way to effect real change. But I think the whole is a bit like Dodging the Draft during the Vietnam War. Those who managed to pay their way out of it, usually kept quiet about it. And just maybe it is the same sort of thing with some of the recent female gender appointments. Did they earn it or just get lucky? No one wants a token position, apparently.  It is seen as something a bit wrong, a trifle unfeminine.

I don’t know about the chess and the bridge. But I do  agree with Stuart Wheeler about one thing, however. Global business, any business, is ruthless and competitive and men are more naturally geared to the direct approach. But, as a spread better, he should also know there are usually a range of outcomes to cover in taking a position. Those who have profited from a market trend, male or female, are usually wily and opportunistic. Just the characteristics required to be effective on a Board, I would have thought.


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